At Soul Fitness Mind Body Studios, we provide the highest level of yoga and movement practices to a diverse studio base, serving the Edmonton and St. Albert Area.


Starts January 2020. Our registered programs offer something for everyone, Beginner Yoga, Yoga Sampler, Couples Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kids and Teen Suspension Yoga.

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This is a practical workshop that applies movement of the whole body in it’s nature.  The concept, biotensegrity, will allow movement that builds structure and strength to allow for expansion and mobility.  Move away from compression, lack of stability and mobility that can be the cause of chronic pain.  There will be a brief description of Biotensegrity and why this shift is changing the way we approach movement and experience these principles in action.  Come and experience a different way of engaging in your practice that can support you in everything you do.


Sunday January 26
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Cost: $25
With: Harry Aime

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This 40 day yoga challenge offers an opportunity to dive deeply into your practice from a philosophy perspective. We will weave the yoga sutras into daily practices with daily intentions to take on your mat while you attend any classes on our drop in schedule. An enlightening and transformational experience with guidance throughout that you will gain valuable insights about yourself and the environment around you which makes each day simply beautiful

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“ I trained to become an instructor here and I know that it is a top notch studio. There are really down to earth instructors and a welcoming and easy going atmosphere. Very spiritual place. ”

Radelle Rombough • Google Review