At Soul Fitness Mind Body Studios, we provide the highest level of yoga and movement practices to a diverse studio base, serving the Edmonton and St. Albert Area for 10 years.

Best yoga studio I’ve been to. It’s small, intimate and their customer service is excellent. The instructors are very good and all have years of experience. I highly recommend

Kris M

Enjoy attending classes at Soul Fitness. Friendly staff and instructors. A good variety of classes depending on your level. Instructor ensure that you don’t overdo your stretches but also help to push you. I would recommend to anyone interested in yoga

Vince P

I’ve had a wonderful experience practicing yoga and specially love the suspension yoga class. The place has a calming effect on me that has enriched me. The teachers are very knowledgeable and affable and believe in teaching yoga in a correct manner without any shortcuts.  I would recommend this studio

Sandra Z