Programs designed to give you more

We offer revolutionary programs and workshops designed to offer a unique an approach to wholeness in well being.

Explore the wholeness in movement, explore the wholeness in life, explore the wholeness in you


Explore the possibilities in yoga with flow, hatha, karuna, yin and more. Our yoga classes are built for all levels. Check our schedule for class times.


We specialize in suspension yoga where you are suspended in the air and experience a feeling of weightlessness, balance and strength.


An approach to wholeness in well-being from a scientific perspective.  It is a systematic approach that recognizes the myofascial system integrates everything into a functional unit.


A hands-on practice, Reiki is a Japanese technique that works with one’s energy for stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing.

“ I trained to become an instructor here and I know that it is a top notch studio. There are really down to earth instructors and a welcoming and easy going atmosphere. Very spiritual place. ”

Radelle Rombough • Google Review