Yoga Teacher Training

Ignite your own love for yoga and illuminate your path in this evolving world. The Soul Fitness Mind Body Studios yoga teacher training program is designed to provide an authentic yoga teaching training program with a focus on biotensegrity and the fascial system which allows the body to tap into its natural healing resources.

Immerse yourself in the study of yoga and well being at our 200 hour level and our 500 hour level with passionate and dedicated teachers that will offer you an inspiring experience. These programs take you on a yogic path toward wholeness by integrating the physical body, the mind and the subtle body.

Our programs offer extensive training and practical experience at each level with an optional 3 month intern program.  In addition, we offer each student the opportunity to receive Holy Fire Usui Reiki Level 1 Training at no extra cost. The value of this training ($200) can be applied to a subsequent level if applicable.

If you would like to receive a copy of our full course syllabus please email  Please indicate which training you would like to receive the syllabus for: 200 hour or 500 hour.

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Our 200 hour yoga teacher training program is designed for individuals interested in teaching yoga as well as yoga practitioners that want to deepen their knowledge and commit to a consistent practice of yoga. This incomparable program will be a life changing experience.

Our  focus will provide you with the skill set that is required to become an extraordinary yoga teacher who demonstrates an ability to transmit information about yoga to a student so that the student learns and is able to demonstrate greater ability with those tools.  Our teachers develop an innate ability to teach yoga to others as it resonates with them.  With the focus on alignment of postures, process of breathwork and meditation, one gains the skill set to teach people rather than teaching asana.  With a strong foundation of anatomy and physiology from a biotensegral focus including both the gross and subtle bodies, a practice is developed that goes beyond a predetermined set of postures for a balanced body to one that has intention and purpose for any practitioner.

Expected Outcomes

  • Understand and experience the philosophy and history of yoga with the yoga sutras and the eight limbs.  Learn how it comes together to bring us to a place of self realization in our modern world and how to integrate these teachings into your own personal practice and as yoga teacher.
  •  Approach anatomy from an updated biotensegrity system with a focus on myofascia that allows for a freedom in movement and simplistic teaching foundation that is diverse for all students.
  • Learn how to modify postures for students that are challenged by limitations to enjoy the benefits of each posture without pain or discomfort.
  • Learn about the subtle body anatomy and how it influences asana through the nadis, chakras and the myofascial system.
  •  Build a tool box full of various teaching methods to develop and teach a yoga class that has practical meaning and application at each step.
  •  Our practical component will give you plenty of time to gain experience in public speaking, developing a class and teaching a yoga practice to peers as well as to yoga students.
  • Develop and present a workshop, diversifying your skills as a yoga teacher.
  • Enjoy an unlimited yoga membership valid from the time of registration to the end of the training program.

Our 200 hour yoga teacher training includes Level 1 Usui Holy Fire Reiki Certification, a value of $200.

The  Soul Fitness Mind Body Studios 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed for experienced 200 hour certified yoga teachers to advance your knowledge of yoga philosophies, cultivate superior teaching skills and nurture your authentic teaching style. This comprehensive training program will take your teaching and personal practice to a new intensity that is fulfilling and inspirational.  We offer a cohort system of learning that allows students to engage in robust discussion in an supported environment throughout the training allowing consistency in progression and advancement.

Expected Outcomes

  • Deepen your knowledge of yoga philosophies and understand how to apply these teachings into your classes and to offer yoga on a one to one basis.  This study takes you beyond your experience at the 200 hour training level with advanced applications.
  • Learn transformational teaching methodologies that expand your teaching skills to offer your students and clients an inspiring experience that allows you to provide practices that tap into the subtle qualities of yoga that make it a meaningful experience.
  • Understand the anatomy of the subtle body and how to use this insight to assist your students and clients to harness wellness from the inside out.
  • Build on your knowledge of anatomy from a biotensegrity model and how to relate this information to maximize each posture, provide modifications and design a unique practice for all students and clients.
  • Integrate the model of biotensegrity into the Yoga Sutras expanding insights into movement of the body, mind and energy systems
  • Develop your skill set to work with special populations and create your own specialized niche.  Refine the tools learned in your 200 hour training and hone your skills to realize your passion and life purpose
  • Learn how to develop your own personal practice using all eight limbs for your own spiritual growth and well being becoming proficient at using the practice of yoga for self realization and your own healing
  • Experience one on one sessions with clients to develop another service to offer your students which requires a specific skill set that will be developed throughout the training program
  • Practical experience training athletes specific to their sport with yoga postures and mental training through meditation.  Receive immediate feedback from participants to develop your skills in working with athletes and applying these concepts to all students from this experience

Our yoga teacher training program offers students the opportunity to receive level 1 of the  Holy Fire Usui Reiki Certification.

This intensive suspension yoga teacher training will provide you with the experience to incorporate aerial silk hammocks as a prop to your practice and gain the necessary skills to teach this unique and fun-filled practice to others from a traditional approach.

Suspension yoga brings new depth and perspective to the practice of yoga by offering a support system to lengthen and lift into postures, challenge strength and deep core stability and engage in inverted postures with little compression.  With the support of the hammock it gives an opportunity to practice postures that may be inaccessible otherwise.

Intended Outcomes

  • Learn a new approach from a traditional yoga foundation in a creative and modern style
  • Experience the 8 limbs of yoga from a unique perspective that gives new insights into the practice of suspension yoga
  • Develop a knowledge of postures using aerial silk hammocks as a prop to learn a different approach of movement and stability in postures
  • Understand anatomy and physiology as it pertains to Suspension Yoga
  • Develop a method of presenting a practice using sequencing, progression, modifications and adjustments for student’s success in practice
  • Receive practical experience and feedback to teach suspension yoga effectively
  • Develop a new understanding of how this type of practice can enhance other styles of yoga
  • Learn different approaches of Suspension Yoga like Restorative Suspension Yoga, Kids Suspension Yoga and Suspension Yoga for special populations.

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